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Our Head Office and factory:

Office staff: 18 people

Turnover: About 3 millions USD
Factory:  Size: 24.000 Square metters: 1 Work shop + 3 condition rooms
                 Worker and staff: 60-100 people

                 Location: in PhuXuyen Dist, Hanoi (80kms from Mai HaiPhong Port)

                 Capacity: 20-40HC container/month or 30.000-80.000pcs

Production time: 60-80 days

Sample times: 5-15 days. Customers trends or OEM designs are welcome

Weaving Capacity: 16 Villages with about 2000-4000 Skilled weaving people

Showrooms: Total 6 showrooms: 3 in Hanoi + 3 in HCM with over 100.000 samples

Materials: Seagrass, Waterhyacinth, Bamboo, Rattan, Jute, Ceramic, Lacquer

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